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Open Frame Generator VS Closed Frame: Your Complete Guide


Do you have a plan to buy a new generator for home use? If so, you will find that there are many types of generators available on the market: standby, portable, inverter, gasoline, diesel, dual fuel, open-frame type, etc. It’s really easy to get lost in so many terms.  You’re lucky to get help here at Heye Power. Now, we’re going to introduce the definition of open-frame and closed-frame generators, and then the difference between them.

What’s the Open-frame generator?

Open-frame generator, just like the name, its structure is an open-frame structure, that includes an inverter generator and a traditional generator.  Because of this structure, we can see all the components of this kind of generator, so it’s also easy to maintain due to this kind of structure. This type of generator is becoming popular increasingly for its easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.

What is a closed-frame generator?

The closed-frame generator is also called a silent generator or quiet inverter generator. Closed-frame generators often will be loaded into a small metal box, which makes it much quieter than the open-frame style. Because of its quiet feature, people often choose this kind of generator for camping or some places with high requirements for a quiet environment. Open-frame generators usually have a carrying handle or wheel for transportation.

What’s the difference between open-frame generators and closed-frame generators?

Now, we’re going to focus on the difference between closed-frame and open-frame inverter generators. Both these two types of Heyepower inverter generators provide cleaner and quieter power in comparison with conventional generators. So, you need to consider some aspects when deciding to purchase open-frame inverter generators or closed-frame inverter generators.

1) Noise Level

Different types of generators have different noise levels, and the noise level is a very important consideration, especially for those people who need a quiet environment such as camping. The closed-frame inverter generators produce less noise than open-frame generators. Why closed-frame inverter generators can be so quiet because of their enclosed housing, so they can be used in places where low noise requirements are relatively high.

2) Engine Access

Let’s talk about the difference in the generator’s engine location, open-frame inverters like traditional generators, their engines are exposed to the outside, the advantage of this structure is that it is convenient for maintenance and repair. However, closed-frame generators are designed enclosed by metal boxes, so their engines are completely protected by the boxes, which prevents the outside from dirty and wind. Also, this difference in design is the main reason for the different noise levels between the two styles.

3) Fuel Efficiency

When choosing the generator types, fuel efficiency is the key point that people will be concerned about, although both of these two types of generator engines can offer enough power, enclosed generators tend to be more fuel-efficient, and the closed structural design allows for better combustion and heat preservation, maximizing the fuel consumption efficiency of the generator.

4) Application

How to choose a generator? Open-frame types or closed-frame generators?  It depends on where you will use them, open frame generators are ideal for temporary power needs in outdoor settings such as construction sites and events. Enclosed generators, on the other hand, are better suited for long-term or stationary use, such as backup power for a home or business.

5) Cost Considerations

At first, we should know that closed-frame generators are more expensive than open-frame types, it’s common sense. Open-frame style has a low cost due to the simple structure and less material cost. But we should consider the long-term cost, including maintenance and fuel costs, while the cost at the beginning enclosed generator may be higher, its superior fuel efficiency and durability reduce overall operating costs.

6) Safety Features

When we operate generators, safety factors need to be carefully considered, especially when working in dangerous environments.  Both open and enclosed generators are equipped with various safety features such as automatic voltage regulation and overload protection. However, enclosed generators offer additional safety benefits due to their enclosed design, minimizing the risk of accidents.

7) Environmental Impact

Should we consider the environmental factors if we are choosing a generator? Nowadays, environmental factors are becoming more and more important. Although both two types of generators will have an impact on the environment, enclosed-frame generators may be more environmentally friendly than open-frame types due to their lower emission and noise.


In short, choosing an open-frame generator or a closed-frame generator depends on the factors you are concerned about more. If you focus on the portable and low price, the open-frame type is your best choice, if you have the demands on the features of durable and low noise, the closed-frame generators are highly recommended. So different people have different choices, and you can consider factors such as application, price, and environmental impact to make your decisions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are open-frame generators louder than closed-frame generators?

Open-frame generators tend to be louder due to their exposed design, whereas closed-frame generators offer quieter operation.

2. Which type of generator is better for camping trips?

Open-frame generators are often preferred for camping trips due to their lightweight and portable design.

3. Do closed-frame generators consume more fuel than open-frame generators?

Closed-frame generators are generally more fuel-efficient due to their enclosed design, maximizing fuel consumption efficiency.

4. Can open-frame generators withstand harsh weather conditions?

While open-frame generators are durable, they may require additional protection or maintenance in extreme weather conditions.

5. Are closed-frame generators more expensive to maintain?

Closed-frame generators may have higher upfront costs, but their superior durability often results in lower maintenance expenses over time.

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